[CT Birds] LIghthouse Point Park - CAVE SWALLOW, BALTIMORE ORIOLE, and more

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 12 18:31:20 EST 2016

71 raptors including a stunning, effortless in-your-face Merlin capture of a songbird, a great Peregrine pair show and plenty of low Bald Eagles.  Totals included BE 6, SS 14, CH 7, RS 6, RT 12, ML 2, PG 2.  

In the am, there were 2 CAVE SWALLOWS with 1 BARN Swallow, but they eventually cleared to the west.  While looking for a distant S flying 1st cycle GLAUCOUS GULL, we had another 2-3 Cave Swallows over by the Creek, a traditional migrant haunt.  Later,  a bright orange-yellow oriole (2 wing bars) flew over the Watch site and back N over the woods.  

Totals as always, partials. A lot of time was spent instead, sorting distant buteos.  

DC Corm 18, Gr Corm 6, Brant, 15, can goose 33, Am Black Duck 4, Herring Gull 220, RB Gull 10, GBB Gull 6, GLAUCOUS GULL 1, Ro Dove 6, Mo Dove 12, RB Woodpecker 3, No Flicker 1, No Rough-winged Swallow 1, CAVE SWALLOW 4, Barn Swallow, 1, Bl Jay 35, BC Chickadee 10, Tufted Titmouse 5, WB Nut 6, Ea Bluebird 65, Am Robin 180, Am Pipit 7, Euro Starling 200, Ced Waxwing 260, Junco 12, Snow Bunting 18, H Lark 17, RW Blackbird 900, Com Grackle 8300, BH Cowbird 400, BALTIMORE ORIOLE 1, Pu Finch 28, Ho Finch 120, Am Goldfinch 75

Steve Mayo

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