[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Saturday - Not much at all

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 19 14:27:03 EST 2016

8 diurnal raptors, perhaps 10-12 sightings, many in-the-Park. Even at 8, who knows who's going or staying?  Covered 7:45 to 12:30. 

Morning flight was noisy, ventriloquil, steady, but very few birds in each flock.  Blue sky of death made counting difficult:  Light variable northerly winds went moderate ESE. 

Less ventriloquil were the Monk Parakeets and the many RB Nuts down in the Pines near the Bath House.  The latter had many different calls resembling, not a toy horn, but more a squeaky, rusty synthesizer.   

DC Corm 2, Am Bk Duck 3, Bufflehead 1, LT Duck, 1, Brant 30, Can Goose 9, Her Gull 25, RB Gull 10, Gr BB Gull 4, RB Nut 10, WB Nut 1, RB woodpecker 5, No Flicker 2, Downy 2, Mo Dove 12, Monk Parakeet 5, Tufted Tit 7,BC Chick 5, No Mockingbird 2, Ea Bluebird 29, Am Robin 4, Com Grackle 145, RW Blackbird 188, BH Cowbird 6, Am Pipit 21 (one flock, low in Park), Ho Finch 135, Pur Finch 15, Am Goldfinch 96, Ho Sparrow 10.
Park was locked up tight but the fishermen smashed the gate lock at around 0845.  So who cares that there's a posting that there's CCTV down there, don't mess with a fisherman on a Saturday morning...
Steve MayoBethany  

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