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Erica Soucy rickisoucy at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 12:03:16 EST 2016

This is a way off subject question.  I've got people here at work saying they have seen Mountain Lions here in the state over the last few months.  I'm trying to tell them they are probably seeing coyotes or bob cats, which look nothing like a Mountain Lion, but are both very common in the state now.  

I know we had a Mountain Lion several years ago that was killed on 95, but DNA testing reveled it was from Wyoming or Idaho.

Have there been ANY sightings of big cats here in the state recently?  I admit I haven't heard of any, but I might have missed them on the news.

I'm sure most of the people I work with are mixing up their cats, but then again, I could be wrong.  

Ricki Soucy

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