[CT Birds] Snowy in Milford

valery51 at optimum.net valery51 at optimum.net
Fri Dec 2 00:33:59 EST 2016

Milford Ct. 16:15. 12/1/16.  Woodmont shoreline. Had a nice encounter with an immature snowy today. when I first spotted it , the owl was sitting on a rocky outcropping right on the waters edge. after a few minutes of doing its Bobby Darin routine it caught a breeze and feathered silently right over my head. Landing on a chimney top no more than 20 yards away we had a good stare. I was able to see the yellow of the eyes. After 3 minutes or so it gave me two slow blinks lifted its wings and took off in a puff of wind. Good way to start December.
Val Melnikov

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