[CT Birds] Snow Goose, Bloomfield.

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 18:49:44 EST 2016

Not sure if it's the same one from a couple months ago, but as I drove by
Filley Park in Bloomfield on my way to work, a gleaming white goose was
mixed in with the number of Canada Geese in the water.  I am pretty sure
this is a Snow goose, as it's been there off and on since some time in
October, but as it was preening as I drove by, I can't 100% rule out a
Ross's.  If anyone is in the area it may be worth looking at, as I will be
living at work for the next week plus.  Damn these short daylight days!

Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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