[CT Birds] American Redstart in Connecticut, December Sightings

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Sat Dec 3 07:24:23 EST 2016

The results of our annual Connecticut Christmas Bird Counts often do not make it into eBird.  Rarities get reported to eBird sometimes, complete data seldom if ever.  Done thoroughly, it would require the entry of data by all CBC compilers (impossible) or all area captains (highly unlikely) or all field observers (800-1,000 each year statewide), as well as entry of dates going back to 1900.  

That said, there have been three reports of American Redstart on Connecticut Christmas Bird Counts.  They are:

American Redstart Count Week at New Haven (with Count Day on December 18, 1993)

American Redstart Count Week at Greenwich-Stamford (with Count Day on December 20, 1998)

American Redstart (1) at Greenwich-Stamford on December 19, 1999

A check of the Connecticut Christmas Bird Count review articles published in The Connecticut Warbler might show further information about just when and where these birds were observed.

Steve Broker


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