[CT Birds] Introduction/Sherwood Island Laughing Gulls

Chris Petherick cpetherick at me.com
Sat Dec 3 08:32:14 EST 2016

Hello - This is my first post with sightings so I thought I’d re-introduce myself.  I’ve been following the list for some time, hoping to get an idea of good locations to find birds in the Fairfield area, specifically, but just to learn more about CT birding generally.  It’s been fun to see reports of new life birds that we don’t get in WI such as the razorbill, gannets and eiders, as well as rarities, such as the pipit a few weeks back.  I just moved to Fairfield this week from the Milwaukee, WI area and I am looking forward to getting to know the people and birds of this part of the country!

I was at Sherwood Island Park yesterday and beyond what seem to be the regular birds reported there I came across 2 Laughing Gulls.  I’m unsure if those are rarities, but eBird said that it was a “high count”, so I figured I would comment to the list about it.  They were right off of the shore of the south beach at the west end, near the Nature Center.  

Chris Petherick
Fairfield, CT

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