[CT Birds] Colebrook Red Crossbills

Fran fzygmont at charter.net
Sun Dec 4 14:48:27 EST 2016

Colebrook - 7am-9am - North Colebrook Rd (east of Benedict Pond) and Doolittle Pond - Red Crossbills. Several flyovers (1-3 birds) at Doolittle.  Flocks of ~15 and ~10 near Aton Forest headquarters on North Colebrook Rd. The flock of ~15 were higher pitched and likely Type 2. Most others were likely Type 10. 

An Estimated 30 Red-Breasted Nuthatches and 4 Brown creepers among the regulars. 

The come crop around Benedict Pond looks worked over but other areas along the road near Benedict &  Doolittle host fresh-looking cones. 

With Greg Hanisek, Tina Green, Sara Zagorski and Jory Testler. 

- Fran

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