[CT Birds] the devil and the details

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Mon Dec 5 12:42:32 EST 2016

It seems an opportune moment, considering the discovery of an Ash-throated Flycatcher at Hammo (well done those observers that found and identified it),  to ask observers to think about adding as much detail as possible when posting to the listerve.
Specifically, individual birds of certain families seen out of season, probably relate more to sought-after vagrants, e.g., any flycatcher in December (other than Phoebe) should warrant further reporting since they usually don’t occur in tandem with snow and odds are high that it will be something "good".
Assuming it is an actual “flycatcher species”,  important basic details about which type of flycatcher it is would be really helpful- is it a member of the small, dull, Least-type Empidonax family or the big, brighter, Great-crested-type, Myiarchus family?
Hopefully this will not come across as critical, but if that basic information had been provided yesterday, it may well have prompted people out in the field to focus their field efforts and look with a bit more urgency. 
“Kids - we’re going to Hammo - we can get the tree later!” line only works once at this time of year , so you want to cash your chips in wisely when chasing potential rarities!  
With Christmas Counts on the horizon and odd birds likely to be reported, remember…if you see something, say something! 
Good birding and thanks to all those people out in the field reporting their sightings!
Happy Holidays to all, Julian Hough New Haven, CT 06519  www.naturescapeimages.wordpress.com 

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