[CT Birds] Home invasion

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Wed Dec 7 13:07:34 EST 2016

Well almost. About 2 yesterday afternoon I was called across  the street to 
the screen house in the yard. Three women were standing outside,  looking 
in the open door at a bird that was flying back and forth, bashing  itself 
against the screen walls.
Since I'd known what the problem was I was dressed accordingly,  heavy 
winter leather gloves, a safari hat with a neck flap in the back and a  heavy 
padded jacket. 
As I suspected, the culprit was an immature male  Sharp-shinned Hawk. 
The first thing I had to do was get the women to go away, since  there was 
no way that bird was coming out the door while they were standing 6  feet 
away. then I went in. And at first I didn't see a thing. Until finally  I 
spotted a white-striped tail tip sticking out from under the gas grill.  When I 
went around the other side the bird flew out and across to the other  end, 
and disappeared again into the clutter of winter storage. 
But I finally found it pressed against the back and seat of a  plastic lawn 
chair. When I made a move towards it he flew again to the other  side and 
bashed against the screen once more, and when I went over he had all  his 
claws imbedded in the screening and appeared to be stuck. But when I  
tentatively reached with the towel I'd brought he pulled loose again and flew a  
circle around the inside. When I followed him once more, at long last he spotted 
 the open door and made his escape out and into the woods. 
I was puzzled at how he'd gotten in there since the door shuts  tightly, 
but when I looked around I was even more surprised. The structure is  enclosed 
with screening and in the winter, with plastic sheeting like you might  use 
on house windows. If you stand on one side you can easily see through to 
the  other side. Just like a bird that hit's a house window, he must have not 
seen  the barrier and tried to fly through. He succeeded in not only 
punching a hole  in the plastic, but knocked a large part of one of the screening 
loose from it's  frame! The screening is stapled from the inside, and to do 
that he had to knock  all the staples loose. I'm amazed he apparently didn't 
hurt himself. 
This is one of at least 2 Sharpies that have been terrorizing  the birds in 
the neighborhood, and just to prove it, half an hour later I  watched the 
ingrate make a pass at the Mourning Doves grazing in my  yard.
Also, around 3 PM I saw an adult Bald Eagle sitting at the top  of the 
trees along the small pond on Rt 31 near the intersection with Depot Rd.  An 
hour later he was gone when I was on my way back home.
Don Morgan
Coventry,  Ct

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