[CT Birds] Snowy Owl stress

C Wood cwood022 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 14:16:15 EST 2016

Timely, National Audubon is just now highlighting the real stress facing owls (and other birds):

> They migrate across continents.  Hunt with determination and might.  Adapt to changing habitats and weather conditions.
> But there are some hazards—especially climate change—that birds can’t survive without our help.
> Friend, that’s why I’m urging you to be one of 503 donors who is inspired to contribute to Audubon this week, when your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000.  Your generosity will protect birds from the greatest threats they’ve ever faced. <https://click.everyaction.com/h/65141/934964?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9UU00vVFNNQVUvMS81NjQ5MCIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25JZCI6IG51bGwsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICJkZTRjOWQ2NC1hZmJjLWU2MTEtODBjMy0wMDBkM2ExMzBkMWQiLA0KICAiRW1haWxNZXNzYWdlSWQiOiAiYWJiZTA0YTgtZDRiOC1lNjExLTgwYzMtMDAwZDNhMTMwZDFkIiwNCiAgIkVtYWlsTWVzc2FnZUNvbnRlbnRJZCI6ICJkYmJmOGQxZC1kNWI4LWU2MTEtODBjMy0wMDBkM2ExMzBkMWQiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogImN3b29kMDIyQGdtYWlsLmNvbSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25UcmFja2FibGVJdGVtSWQiOiAwDQp9&hmac=qUfv1Ia-N1rzTvtz_bhROdzeGuIEm2VOjq-XCPvc-g8=&ms=digital-fund-email-ea-match_dec-20161207_snowyowl_pm_micro_narrow_medium&utm_source=ea&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20161207_snowyowl_pm&utm_content=micro_narrow_medium&emci=dbbf8d1d-d5b8-e611-80c3-000d3a130d1d&emdi=de4c9d64-afbc-e611-80c3-000d3a130d1d&fn=&ln=&em=cwood022%40gmail.com&add1=&ci=&st=&pc=&p=&hp=>
> A top predator of the Arctic, the Snowy Owl has little defense against a warming world.  During breeding season, this raptor feeds almost exclusively on mouse-like lemmings whose population cycles have been disrupted by climate change.  The result?  A deleterious domino effect that often leaves Snowy Owls scrambling for food … unable to raise as many healthy chicks each summer … and struggling to survive.

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