[CT Birds] Pink-footed goose, not too far away in MA

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 18:26:24 EST 2016

I habitually check, daily, all of New England to see what's being reported
in all the states, to possibly be on the lookout for things seemingly
headed south (our way).

There was a single Pink-footed goose being reported for a few days now in
Cambridge, and it seems that another one showed up in Hadley, MA, yesterday.

I mention this as I would guess this bird may eventually end up in CT.
Perhaps this is our visitor from last season, that spent many months at
Fisher Meadows, in Avon, CT?  Could it be the one that made a brief
appearance at Broad Brook?  May this one show up in the Day Hill Road goose
flocks in Windsor?  Who knows?

I am not sure how many out there keep tabs on our surrounding states, but I
just figured i'd mention it anyways.  I still never got those barnacle
geese, so i'm waiting to hear about them moving this way.

Happy Birding!

Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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