[CT Birds] Cooper's Hawk prey items?

Clark Moseley an.doc.mo.72 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:03:52 EST 2016

An immature Cooper's Hawk has killed another accipiter in our front yard
and we have been observing it eat the other bird for the last 45 minutes.
I have not been able to identify the prey item as to whether it is a coop
or a sharpie.  I have not been able to I.D. the prey item for fear that I
will disturb the feeding individual and the food therefore will be wasted.
I will see if there are any remains in the morning to hopefully make a
determination on I.D. of the prey item.  Do any of you have any wisdom on
this matter or have read or whitnessed similar observations?

Clark Moseley

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