[CT Birds] Mergansers arrived, Middletown CT

Lynn Hollinger blynh86 at att.net
Sat Dec 17 15:45:50 EST 2016

 Friday 12-16-16, the Mergansers arrived in Middletown on the CT River - in the area of Eastern Drive and River Road, harbor area. First group: COMMON 5 ml, 6 fml. Second group: COMMON 14 ml, 2 fml (with 2 ml mallards in group). Third: 1 pair (1 ml, 1 fml) of HOODED. They usually arrive here in Middletown when temperatures become really frigid and the river just starts to freeze. On Thursday, there appeared to be a scout - one solitary male Common Merg flew downriver just before noon.

Also today (Saturday), I saw one white goose in the large group of Canada geese that flew by heading upriver. Same location, Middletown Harbor area. Not sure if snow goose. Flock flew by very quickly. 

B. Lynn Hollinger

Middletown CT 

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