[CT Birds] Snowy owl update /sad

Christina Cole christinaecole42 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 19:26:33 EST 2016

Stolen from a place called hopes FB page if anyone wants pictures and the full story please go there. 

This Snowy Owl was sighted yesterday in Stratford and it appeared to be in trouble. Despite rescue efforts, she was not located. Today it was found lying down and approachable. People were touching it before it was wrapped and put into a car to be transported.  She is in critical condition as her organs have already started to fail. She is currently dry, warm, hydrated and in a dark and quiet critical care play pen. Please send her healing thoughts and thank you to the young man who got her help...

Emaciation in Birds of Prey is a critical condition. When a predator is approachable, touchable, does nothing when picked up, it is in real trouble. Birds of Prey have the defenses to ward off any threat, and when they do nothing, they are on their last bit of strength... Please, when picking up birds in this condition, keep them in a dark and quiet box, carrier, towel, laundry basket for transport. Please do not play music or feed the bird. Food when they are in this condition can actually kill a bird by taking the energy away from keeping organs from failing to focus on digestion. Birds of Prey do not appreciate our affection... touching and petting birds does not soothe them, it only frightens them despite what you think you are reading when they offer long blinks and shut their eyes. If you should come across a suffering animal in this state, work fast to get it to a proper Rehabilitation Center with as little stress possible.

Christina Cole

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