[CT Birds] Junco in my garage

Fritzandsheila fritzandsheila at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 09:17:41 EST 2016

Have had juncos in the garage, too, and doves, who when spooked fly up into
the upper structure rather than out the doors.  I'll open all the doors and
windows and let them figure it out.  But once I had to catch a trapped
hummingbird, talk about light! I'm surprised they even need wings to stay
aloft.  I carried it over to the feeder cupped in my hands and when I got
there, with it clinging to my finger, it stepped off onto the little feeder
perch and proceeded to drink, and drink, and drink, until I could watch its
little belly get big and bubbles came up in the reservoir! Normally of
course they would never let me stand right there, but it was one tired,
hungry bird. With me standing there the others didn't come and pester it in
their usual way, so it could tank up in peace.  Hard to forget that moment.


Harold "Fritz" Moritz

fritzandsheila at pobox.com


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