[CT Birds] Cooper's Hawk and RT Hawk

Cin and Bill kobak bilcinkob at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 16:05:25 EST 2016

Heard two successive window hits in a.m. of 12/19. Looked out to see a male
Cooper's Hawk fly to our deck railing, then onto the deck to stand on a
still-alive junco. (A second dead junco was nearby.) The Coop brought its
meal to a bare patch of our back lawn to pluck and eat it. After 15 minutes
of this it stopped. On high alert, it spent the next 10 minutes or so
looking around, especially skyward. Suddenly, a huge (by comparison)
juvenile Red-tailed Hawk swooped in and chased the Cooper's Hawk from the
yard. The RT then circled around and perched for a minute in our side woods
before flying off. The Cooper's Hawk returned 15 minutes later to retrieve
its half-eaten meal.


We have been using UV markers on all our windows to keep the birds away from
the glass. Seems to work well until a predator sends the feeder birds into a


Cindi Kobak


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