[CT Birds] Golden crowned kinglet question

Stuart Winquist stuartwinquist at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 26 18:57:52 EST 2016

I was birding in Machimoodus State Park this afternoon when a mixed flock of chickadees, red breasted & a white breasted nuthatches, and at least one golden crowned kinglet passed me as they were working the understory.  I got several very quick but very clear views of the kinglet with my binocs.  All of the markings were of a female golden except one.  The supercilium above the eye was the same bright yellow as the crown, not white.  The wing color below the white and black wing bars was on the bright side of the yellow tinge seen in Sibleys and Audubon.  No other yellow on the bird, but the yellow crown & supercillium gave the bird a very bright appearance in the forest, which I haven't seen with other kinglets.  Has anyone seen this aberration before?  None of my books mention this.  I looked through my warbler book since the yellow was warbler bright but saw nothing I could have mistaken it for.  Sorry, no pics of the bird.

Stuart Winquist, East Hampton

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