[CT Birds] VOTE to support your favorite bird locations in Long Island Sound

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 18:53:01 EST 2016

Dear Birders:

The state governments of CT and NY are now developing a list (and maps) of
important environmental locations IN  Long Island Sound (LIS), including
good areas for birds, fish and other life forms (this will complement the
excellent Audubon IBA lists, especially by adding more OFFSHORE waters).
This is our opportunity to contribute to that new list. The scope of this
list includes all the 1,320 square miles of LIS waters, from end to end.
This list may be useful in the future if possible competing uses of these
waters might arise, or if any of these areas are somehow damaged, or are
put at risk of damage. This list of good locations may be of some long-term
value to preserving the Sound, as we have known it.

So now is the time for your voice to be heard, especially if you care about
any area of LIS !  Please "VOTE" informally for your favorite good bird
watching places (or/and good fishing places) in Long Island Sound.... by
sending us a simple email, as described at this webpage:

http://LISLocations.blogspot.com <http://lislocations.blogspot.com/>
=click to view.

Just email to us the name(s) of one or more LIS locations which are good
for birds, maybe an area where you like to watch birds, and optionally
including which bird species favor these locations, etc. Follow the simple
instructions at this website (listed above).

Thank you, and Seasons Greetings,

Tom Robben
Research Committee
COA Connecticut Ornithological Association
robben99 AT gmail.com

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