[CT Birds] The Eagle Huntress

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 31 15:35:08 EST 2016

I just saw the film "The Eagle Huntress" playing at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Of all the films I have seen this year, this is my favorite. The story is about a young girl in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia who wants to become an eagle hunter like her father. This tradition is passed down from father to son: no woman has ever done this. The filming is magnificent: both the dramatic scenery and the day to day life of the nomads is just beautifully portrayed. The annual Golden Eagle Festival is exciting and since I may never get to Mongolia, this is a chance to see it on screen. Of course, the eagles take a main role, and the relationship between the hunter and his or her bird is well portrayed. The story begins with the father releasing an eagle he has hunted with for seven years. It is believed that they should be returned complete the cycle of nature. A beautiful film!

The movie was held over this week. I urge you to see it! Be sure to stay for the credits...there are some great shots of Aishopan and her eagle.


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