[CT Birds] January 2 - Stratford and Bristol goodies, also a listing milestone

Jamie Meyers sunnyctredbird at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 17:59:58 EST 2017

Happy new year, all --

The CACKLING GOOSE which has been at Wooster Avenue park in Stratford for a
couple of weeks now was present at first light today.  This addition to my
list was personally significant to me in that it marked my 2,000th
cumulative county tick in the state of Connecticut, a goal I have been
pushing for somewhat vigorously for the past couple of years.  That's an
average of 250 species per county, though I have a good deal more in a
couple and a good deal less in a couple of others.  Thank to Frank Mantlik
for reporting the bird yesterday and many of you on here for assisting with
the various chases.

In my travels I located a different ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in Stratford
than the one noted here already today.  This one was loosely associating
with Tree Sparrows on the path that runs into Great meadows along the old
railroad tracks near the end of Long Beach Boulevard.  It was very
skittish, flushing in front of me and teeing up barely long enough for an
ID before disappearing into the brush along the edge of the marsh.  I never
saw it again.

Given that I have nearly 200 species for the town of Stratford, it was odd
to add four species to that list today.  In addition to the ones noted
above, the female BLUE-WINGED TEAL was an addition.  She was present along
with six NORTHERN SHOVELERS around 1 PM or so.  Th birds were not visible
early in the morning at low tide but thanks to Sara Z. for the tip that
they were there later in the day.  My other Stratford tick was a flyby
NORTHERN GANNET at close range of the Lordship Seawall.

The adult and at least one young RED-HEADED WOODPECKER (I was thinking
maybe I was hearing two) were active and noisy at Partrick Preserve in
Westport despite the chilly rain this afternoon.  The LESSER BLACK-BACKED
GULL was just east of Burying Hill Beach this afternoon as well.

Challenge or not, I went almost the entire two days without recording a
single species in Hartford County despite living here.  I added a couple
late in the day, most notably by far the two continuing SNOW GEESE at
Bristol Central High School.  Town bird!

Hopefully pneumonia will not now set in after being out in the cold rain
for several hours.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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