[CT Birds] Charles Island trees dying

Paul paul.fusco at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 5 16:09:26 EST 2017

What evidence is being provided that nesting herons and egrets are killing the trees?
The native trees on Charles Island are in the process of being revitalized by the DEEP Wildlife Division. Non-native invasive trees and vines were cut two years ago after hurricane Sandy knocked over many of the taller trees. Native trees were then planted as replacements. The new trees will take time to grow. In the meantime, nesting birds are making use of existing trees. Since the storm damage and management has left fewer trees and nesting shrubs, there may be a higher density of nesting birds than before. If that higher density is having an impact on the vegetation it should be documented. In any case, the habitat on Charles Island is not pristine. The island has been loaded with invasive plants and has a history of development including a fish processing plant, a boxing arena, and a church camp. 


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