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On a related note, I have noticed what seems to be a similar pattern (emphasis on "seems") with Monk parakeets in their large, communal nests.  After a couple of seasons, the trees holding the nest dies.  Again, this is mostly anecdotal, but I've been noticing it for 20 years, or so.

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Egrets and herons do the same thing on Cockenoe Island in Westport, these birds still use the same trees but perhaps in just slightly smaller numbers. Seem's as though most of the leaves grow back each season.
Also they have expanded their range on the same island to areas where there is more vegetation on trees.
>From what I have seen over the years it's not the threat of bird guano killing vegetation, this is very minor compared severe storms like Sandy, Irene and the many noreaster's that are a major player at eroding shoreline including destroying some of the many trees that the herons and egrets use.
On Goose Island, Westport, Sandy totally destroyed every bit of vegetation on that island, the next spring it slowly started growing back and after several years that vegetation it is back to where it was prior to Sandy.
Point here is that several hundred pair of Double-crested Cormorants use that area every year to nest and sure their guano defoliates all the leaves it come in contact with,  still it slowly grows back, it's a never ending cycle, but severe storms are by far much worse.
My guess is that due to erosion, in a few hundred years there will not be much of those islands left anyway.
I wouldn't worry much about the trees and bird poop, it's just nature.

Larry Flynn

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> In today's Milford Orange Bulletin, Tues, Jan. 5, is a letter to 
> the editor
> on page 4.entitled "Birds killing trees on Charles Island".
> It states that the trees on Charles Island are dying because of 
> the herons
> and egrets nesting there. This is the citation which the author cites
> http://calag.ucanr.edu/Archive/?article=ca.v062n03p87
> I know many of us bird Silver Sands State park and value Charles 
> Island and
> the nesting birds there. The letter writer states that once the 
> trees are
> gone, the herons and egrets won't nest there.
> Any comments?
> Bev Propen, Orange
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