[CT Birds] Charles Island trees

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:51:29 EST 2017

The "letter to the editor"  only cites the author's observations, and then
references the linked website.  I would like to respond in a non-emotional,
fact based manner.  Many of the CTbird responses contain more scientific
data.  I don't want that letter to the editor to give negative publicity to
the nesting birds there. I don't mind responding to it, if I could quote
some of the data that you cite or others have mentioned.  Or....
Attached, is the link to this publication and possibly you, Paul, or others
with more objective perspective could respond .
I think it is too early to find this article online, since the paper just
came out,.
The author's name is Robert Sheahan of Milford.
Thank you,
Bev Propen

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