[CT Birds] Birds killing trees?

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Thu Jan 5 20:36:06 EST 2017

    The article refers to a rookery in California with 2400 herons and egrets. That is not Charles Island. Also, California is in a severe drought so the guano will not be washed away. That is not the case here. Further, the article states that the California rookery is in the UC Davis Arboretum which features specimen oaks, many rare and endangered.  As a partner in the North American Plant Collections Consortium, the well-being of their trees is paramount. In contrast, on Charles Island the emphasis is on the well-being of the birds, which have few alternatives for nesting sites.     I have had conversations with State Park and DEEP staff about Charles Island. The trees on Charles Island were decimated by Superstorm Sandy when many trees of suitable nesting size were broken off, not by avian or human activity.  The DEEP has done a lot of work on Charles Island since that time.  They cut the strangler vines at their bases- you can see the vines all over the trees in the winter, but they don't leaf out in the spring.  The DEEP has applied biological control measures to kill the Mile-a-Minute invasive plants. They keep deer out so all the new tree seedlings won't be eaten.  They keep people out during nesting season. 
    Someone from the CT DEEP needs to respond to this letter to the editor. It's great to see a concerned citizen caring about our trees, and this is an opportunity to not just allay fears, but to let the public know about their tax dollars at work on behalf of conservation at Charles Island. 

Winie Wirth, Milford, where I live a few minutes from SSSP.

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