[CT Birds] Groton Birds

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 17:55:32 EST 2017

Late this afternoon I had the following:

Groton-New London Airport - GREAT EGRET, visible from South Rd (Rt 649) flying east and dropping down out of sight along the Poquonnock River - presumably the NL CBC bird.

Eastern Point Beach - male NORTHERN HARRIER

Trails Corner marsh (from Sneaker's Cafe parking lot off of Poquonnock Rd (Rt 649) - large blackbird roost.  Phil Rusch recommended checking out this roost, similar to a mini version of the Connecticut River Tree Swallow roost in the fall.  Thousands of blackbirds (could not pick out any Rustys) and several hundred robins started gathering at around 4:15.  They swirled and swarmed before descending into the marsh at about 4:45.  Two Cooper's Hawks, one Sharp-shinned Hawk, one accipiter sp., one Red-tailed Hawk, and one buteo sp. opportunistically were looking for a meal.

Glenn Williams

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