[CT Birds] New Haven Bird Club Special Event

VITALI PETER E vitali_peter_e at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 15 09:48:58 EST 2017

On Superbowl Sunday, February 5th,  the New Haven Bird Club is Running This Special Event.

TheMega Bowl of Birding!  This fun and friendly event involves birding in teamsof 3-4 people anywhere in New Haven County. The teams try to see as many species as they can on the day of theevent. Each species observed has a point value, with one point for the mostcommon species to five points for the rarest species. At the end of the day,everyone meets to share stories and tabulate the results.  Prizes are given out to all teams, withspecial prizes going to the teams accumulating the most points or most specieson the day.  There is an option to obtainpledges or make a voluntary donation to the host organization, the New HavenBird Club, or any other conservation organization of the team’s choice.  Advanced registration is required: birdersmust register for the event by Friday, January 27, 2017. The event will be heldon Sunday, February 5, 2017.  The end ofthe day celebration will be held at the Kellogg Environmental Center inDerby.  Dinner will be served.  To register: contact the Mega Bowl Coordinator:Chris Loscalzo at closcalz at optonline.netor 203 389-6508.  More detailedinformation for the event can be found on the New Haven Bird Club and COAwebsites.    newhavenbirdclub.org    http://www.ctbirding.org/calendar.htm

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