[CT Birds] Large Accipiter Takes out Squirrel

David Lawton lawtonesq at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 13:06:38 EST 2017

I just witnessed a large accipiter take out a squirrel hiding on the trunk
of a white oak. The squirrel tried to evade the hawk by quickly circling
the tree three times, but the hawk followed, circling the tree just as fast
in flight. In one last desperate attempt, the squirrel leapt to the ground
where the hawk took it and killed it. After looking around warily for a
couple minutes, the large accipiter flew off with a full grown dead grey
squirrel. The hawk, an immature, had a white supercilium. Despite a
powerful immature accipiter with white supercilium flying off with a
squirrel, it was not a Goshawk... it was an immature Cooper's Hawk. Quite a
scene nonetheless!
Happy birding,

David Lawton
Avon, CT

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