[CT Birds] Hurt Red-tailed Hawk

Michael Ashley micasharonson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 15:06:05 EST 2017

Hello Everyone,
While hiking along the Farmington River I spotted an injured hawk 10 feet
of the trail at head height.  It stayed there for ten minutes while I took
some pictures and looked at its leg.  It finally fly off into a tree across
the river.  The hawk has a hurt left leg.  When sitting in the tree it let
its left leg hang down.  It would periodically move it and bring it up to
its chest, but the leg would return to hanging.  Also when it flew off the
leg was limp.  I left the hawk at 1:41.  I attached some photos.  If anyone
wants more pictures or more information just let me know.


Thank you,
Michael Aronson

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