[CT Birds] Not the Ross's Goose?

Angela Dimmitt angeladimmitt at aol.com
Fri Jan 20 08:56:44 EST 2017

Oh my goodness, Brendan, could I have made so big a goof?  The bird I saw looked exactly like the two Ross's I have seen in the past two months - photo of Squantz Pond bird attached.  It was swimming with a bunch of Canadas then disappeared behind the weeds - I had a good look at its profile, but then could not relocate it from the other side of the pond, and I saw no other white bird except gulls.  If 'twas indeed a duck - well, let this be an object lesson in misidentifying a bird based on what one expects to see!  I'm laughing at myself and shaking my head - sure we've all done this at one time or another.  You put it so tactfully! But what if the goose was there earlier - you say there were no Canadas on the pond when you went there.......... 

Angela Dimmitt

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