[CT Birds] Upper Lake Whitney Ring-necked Duck 1/22; also a few notes from 1/20

Florence McBride fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 22 16:46:53 EST 2017

1/22, morning, Hamden, Spring Glen - Upper Lake Whitney, seen from Greenway Street:  one male Ring-necked Duck, many Gadwall on the west side (also Canada Geese flying [They may have landed on the lake], Mallards, Black Ducks)

Just for the record (sorry I didn’t post this earlier):  Highlights of what Arne Rosengren and I saw on 1/20
   Stratford - 
	•. Birdseye:  four Northern Shovelers (and I always enjoy seeing those American Coots)
	•  Frash Pond:  two Canvasbacks, many Red-breasted Mergansers, plus Hooded Mergs and assorted other waterfowl
	•  Stratford Point, with many other observers:  Eared Grebe, and a flock of beautiful Snow Buntings
   Woodbridge - Konold’s Pond:  two pairs of Wood Ducks at the north end; also Ring-necked Ducks far away on the east side.

Flo McBride

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