[CT Birds] Canaan Evening Grosbeaks - New Info

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri Jan 27 23:46:39 EST 2017

This evening I received the most comprehensive report so far on the Canaan Evening Grosbeaks.  I am copying it below, unedited.  My thanks to Tom Fiore for sharing all this.

Please head his warnings about safety!

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

Hi Roy,

I was on Undermountain Road, Canaan (Litchfield Co.) with a friend 
today, Friday Jan. 27, and in total, we observed about 75-80+ Evening 
Grosbeaks, at several locations, between about 9:30 a.m. & 11: 30 a.m. 
- these locations were by homes with feeders, and one of them is #16 
Undermountain, a set of small red houses very near the northern end of 
Undermountain Rd. (ie, nearer to Rt. 44 and the village of Canaan, 
about 1/8 mile or so off the northern junction of Undermountain with 
Rt. 63, & on the west side of Undermountain - I cannot stress highly 
enough the need for extreme caution here, DO NOT park in their drive - 
and this is a very hazardous blind curve area; parking some distance 
away, where safe & blocking no one at all is the only way to go - NO 
ONE should try sitting in their vehicle here, doing so could cause a 
serious accident!  At this location, up to 40+ Evening Grosbeaks were 
seen & photographed, around 11-11:30 a.m., coming from surrounding 
trees by the above-noted set of red buildings and to several sets of 
feeders and seed scattered nearby, the calls of these birds were 
constant as they came & went from bare trees to the several feeders, 
which are positioned far down the private drive, & thus scanning 
carefully, on foot, is required - again this is an extremely hazardous 
section of road on which to "pull over", even with hazard lights 
("blinkers") on, as this is at a blind curve - walking to the location 
from a safer parking spot is strongly suggested.  Another very large 
flock of Evening Grosbeaks, but rather harder to observe, was near 
#107 Undermountain, some miles farther down from the north end of that 
road (but not so far as the junction with iced-over Cobble Road, where 
many birders have been going for their grosbeak observations) and at 
this other, & larger, home & yard area, the main feeding is done 
behind the home, absolutely & completely private: DO NOT go up ANY 
driveways, whether posted or not, this is all private property off the 
road, and no trespassing will be tolerated nor should anyone even 
consider going off the paved road in these above locations - in 
addition at this latter location, viewing is up-slope, not down, and 
this more difficult - nonetheless, here at about 10:45 a.m., as many 
as 35-40+ Evening Grosbeaks were seen, in a bare tree, then dispersing 
downwards into the hidden area behind & adjacent to the 2nd-noted 
home, some coming to a feeder at the front, but far more out-of-view 
in the rear (no views of the rear are possible) - and at the known 
location at the corner of Cobble Road & Undermountain Road, a single 
female-plumaged Evening Grosbeak appeared after 9 a.m., & staying at & 
near the home & at their feeder for over 40 minutes, then flying off 
(solo) to the north across the farm field, not seen again in the next 
20 minutes after about 9:45 by us.  The 2 larger flocks of Evening 
Grosbeaks observed were, I believe, separate & different, although 
there is at least a slim chance that 1 sizeable flock of these birds 
were moving along Undermountain, headed north as we did.  We did not 
check much for any (potential additonal) further flocks going on up on 
Rt 63, but it seems there might be, as well as at other sections or 
feeders / homes along Undermountain.  A drive well up Canaan Mountain 
Rd. produced zero birds of any kind for us, in a short reconnaissance 
of that road, & we did not attempt to check any sites after the noon 

- Tom Fiore (N.Y. City),  Kristine Wallstrom, Litchfield County

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