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An this is what makes CT such a magical wonderland for looking at birds.  

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> On Jan 28, 2017, at 3:15 PM, Russ Smiley via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
> A PSA: I heard from a couple birders today that some homeowners along the
> north end of Undermountain Road did NOT appreciate birders looking from the
> road into their lawns to view the evening grosbeaks there. I was fortunate
> to view some birds before there was a confrontation. The homeowner at the
> corner of Cobble and Undermountain remains tolerant of the birding community
> though the grosbeaks reportedly are visiting there less.
> Russ Smiley
> Marlborough, CT
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> This evening I received the most comprehensive report so far on the Canaan
> Evening Grosbeaks.  I am copying it below, unedited.  My thanks to Tom Fiore
> for sharing all this.
> Please head his warnings about safety!
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT
> Hi Roy,
> I was on Undermountain Road, Canaan (Litchfield Co.) with a friend 
> today, Friday Jan. 27, and in total, we observed about 75-80+ Evening 
> Grosbeaks, at several locations, between about 9:30 a.m. & 11: 30 a.m. 
> - these locations were by homes with feeders, and one of them is #16 
> Undermountain, a set of small red houses very near the northern end of 
> Undermountain Rd. (ie, nearer to Rt. 44 and the village of Canaan, 
> about 1/8 mile or so off the northern junction of Undermountain with 
> Rt. 63, & on the west side of Undermountain - I cannot stress highly 
> enough the need for extreme caution here, DO NOT park in their drive - 
> and this is a very hazardous blind curve area; parking some distance 
> away, where safe & blocking no one at all is the only way to go - NO 
> ONE should try sitting in their vehicle here, doing so could cause a 
> serious accident!  At this location, up to 40+ Evening Grosbeaks were 
> seen & photographed, around 11-11:30 a.m., coming from surrounding 
> trees by the above-noted set of red buildings and to several sets of 
> feeders and seed scattered nearby, the calls of these birds were 
> constant as they came & went from bare trees to the several feeders, 
> which are positioned far down the private drive, & thus scanning 
> carefully, on foot, is required - again this is an extremely hazardous 
> section of road on which to "pull over", even with hazard lights 
> ("blinkers") on, as this is at a blind curve - walking to the location 
> from a safer parking spot is strongly suggested.  Another very large 
> flock of Evening Grosbeaks, but rather harder to observe, was near 
> #107 Undermountain, some miles farther down from the north end of that 
> road (but not so far as the junction with iced-over Cobble Road, where 
> many birders have been going for their grosbeak observations) and at 
> this other, & larger, home & yard area, the main feeding is done 
> behind the home, absolutely & completely private: DO NOT go up ANY 
> driveways, whether posted or not, this is all private property off the 
> road, and no trespassing will be tolerated nor should anyone even 
> consider going off the paved road in these above locations - in 
> addition at this latter location, viewing is up-slope, not down, and 
> this more difficult - nonetheless, here at about 10:45 a.m., as many 
> as 35-40+ Evening Grosbeaks were seen, in a bare tree, then dispersing 
> downwards into the hidden area behind & adjacent to the 2nd-noted 
> home, some coming to a feeder at the front, but far more out-of-view 
> in the rear (no views of the rear are possible) - and at the known 
> location at the corner of Cobble Road & Undermountain Road, a single 
> female-plumaged Evening Grosbeak appeared after 9 a.m., & staying at & 
> near the home & at their feeder for over 40 minutes, then flying off 
> (solo) to the north across the farm field, not seen again in the next 
> 20 minutes after about 9:45 by us.  The 2 larger flocks of Evening 
> Grosbeaks observed were, I believe, separate & different, although 
> there is at least a slim chance that 1 sizeable flock of these birds 
> were moving along Undermountain, headed north as we did.  We did not 
> check much for any (potential additonal) further flocks going on up on 
> Rt 63, but it seems there might be, as well as at other sections or 
> feeders / homes along Undermountain.  A drive well up Canaan Mountain 
> Rd. produced zero birds of any kind for us, in a short reconnaissance 
> of that road, & we did not attempt to check any sites after the noon 
> hour.
> - Tom Fiore (N.Y. City),  Kristine Wallstrom, Litchfield County
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