[CT Birds] Manchester/South Windsor: two vulture species in twelve minutes -- in January!

John Weeks aerie.john at cox.net
Sun Jan 29 16:49:24 EST 2017

Chris and I visited Laurel Marsh in Manchester, where we found nothing new to add to our "Big January" tallies.  Glumly resigned to falling short of the 75-species goal, we got back in the car and headed for Station 43 in South Windsor.  Just before we got onto I-291, Chris spotted three Turkey Vultures overhead.  Twelve minutes later, as we exited I-291 in South Windsor, I spotted two Black Vultures.  ID was positive in both cases.  I never was so happy to see vultures, and feel recharged for one last "Big January" push.

Motto of the story:  Keep calm and carrion.

John Weeks
Chris Chinni
North Granby

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