[CT Birds] Obviously a Tufted Duck, but what about the Scaup?

Mark Aronson markaronson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:41:59 EST 2017

The tufted duck at Captain's Cove is well and good.  Fun to see and all of

But what of the Scaup?

Checking ebird reports since the Tufted was spied shows it keeps company
with a number of Scaup.The raft ranges from 80 or to nearly 400 birds, plus
or minus a redhead, grebe, goldeneye, mallard, gull, pigeon and what not.

Some observers lump them all to "scaup sp." some all to "lesser," some all
to "greater," and then some divide them between a large number of "lesser,"
a lesser number of "greater," and then "scaup sp."

I could use a COA scaup workshop!


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