[CT Birds] Scouting for Sunday's Mega Bowl

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Fri Feb 3 19:49:42 EST 2017

 I checked out a few places in western New Haven county today to scout out areas for The New Haven Bird Club's Mega Bowl of Birding to be held this Sunday.  No touchdowns seen today but many field goals and safeties (Remember many Super Bowls have been won or lost by field goals).  In addition to the continuing ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS seen on Cassidy Rd in Southbury, at the Bent of the River were BELTED KINGFISHER , BROWN CREEPER, HERMIT THRUSH, FIELD SPARROW, GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS and COMMON RAVEN.  The Housatonic had open water all the way from Shepaug Dam through Derby (and I assume everywhere south of there) so there were no concentrations of waterfowl other than a large flock of Canada Geese near Mitchell Farm in Southbury.    Also, since there was no post about the 1st Wednesday Walk (held on Thursday) at Hammonasett, low numbers of birds were seen due to cold, wind and chop, but highlights were a COMMON EIDER at seal rocks off end of Moraine Trail, NORTHERN GANNET flying way out over the sound, and YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER on Willard Island, and about 40 HORNED LARK in the Nature Center parking lot (no bunting or longspurs).  We did find one Kestral (a fishing boat off the Moraine Trail with the name "KESTRAL" written on the hull).  We didn't find any shorebirds at all.
Good luck to all the teams competing on Sunday,
Jack SwattWolcott

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