[CT Birds] Manchester Greater White-fronted Goose

Jamie Meyers sunnyctredbird at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 16:18:34 EST 2017

The subject bird continues at union pond in Manchester as a 4:15 PM today. There still a fair amount of open water on the pond, and probably about 3000 Canadas in which to sort through.  As I'm speaking this, small ribbons of geese are flying off the pond, so I don't know whether they spend the night here or not.

In my travels today, I noticed a lot of pans that were undoubtedly open just a few days ago are now frozen over, so checking those water courses that are still open may produce some interesting results.

Downstate, the Eared Grebe was still off Nathan Hill Park in New Haven as of a couple hours ago, in the same general area where last described.  I was unable to locate any evening grosbeaks at Trout Brook in Easton around noon or so today.

Jamie Meyers

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