[CT Birds] More info on Extralimitial Black-Back Oriole

Lemmon lemmon at snet.net
Sun Feb 5 13:19:24 EST 2017

After viewing this beautiful bird yesterday in Reading, PA.  we picked up a newspaper at the gas station showing a photo of the bird at the top.  You can read the article that was in the Saturday February 4th edition at readingeagle.com....type in black- backed oriole and go down to the right hand column  "What people are reading" (in red).  It is the 8th article down.  The article discusses the how the bird might have gotten there.  The consensus by Rudy Keller who compiles the the Berks bird sightings for the Penn Ornithological Records Committee is " that it does not appear to be a cage bird....it is in fresh breeding plumage and does not have the slightly misshapen tails of small birds that have been in cages nor the feather wear in places you wouldn't see on a wild bird"  He also noted "there were a number of severe storms that originated in the Pacific and swept through central Mexico, any one of which could have picked up birds and carried them. There have been quite a few out-of-place Western and Southwestern birds and Mexican species that have turned up across the East,"   The article has a close up photos of the bird.  The bird is a beauty...and worth seeing even if you don't get to eventually add it to a life list.  We enjoy chasing extralimital birds...some that were a great deal of work viewing like two trips to Staten Island to see the a Hooded Crow in 2011, a Gray Headed Gull in Coney Island in 2011 keep birding fun...whether or not they are countable.  

Carol Lemmon

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