[CT Birds] Changing COA website tonight

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 16:42:45 EST 2017

Hey folks - this is a public heads up that I plan to change the COA website
(www.ctbirding.org) and host late tonight/early tomorrow morning. It should
be a straightforward process, but if for some case it isn't, here's your
warning. If you need to access it for some reason please do so in the next
several hours.

Nothing on CT Birds or the list serv should be affected or changed. The new
COA website is a nearly completed work and should offer all the same
content as the previous while being updated more often with photos, blog
posts, and so on. Be aware it takes time for various servers to figure out
where the new site is for the ctbirding.org domain, and it may take hours
or even a couple days for your ISP to be updated.

Thanks for your understanding!
(COA Board Member)

Scott Kruitbosch
Photographer: http://www.scottkruitbosch.com/
Stratford, CT

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