[CT Birds] Weekly Bird Finder

Milan Bull mbull at ctaudubon.org
Fri Feb 10 15:14:19 EST 2017

Connecticut Audubon is looking for two or three volunteers to join the roster of birders who contribute posts to our weekly Bird Finder feature. It's a fairly easy assignment: once every five or six weeks, we ask you to write several paragraphs about a bird that's either been seen in Connecticut or has a reasonable chance of being seen that week: what it looks like, where to find it, etc. 

Tom Andersen edits it, sends it to a list of about 600 (free) email subscribers, and post it on our website, where its popularity is inching up our "most read" list. 

If you're interested in writing for us, you'll be joining a list that includes Greg Hanisek, Nick Bonomo, Milan Bull, Andy Griswold, Frank Gallo and Mike Aurelia. 

You can scroll through our previous posts at http://www.ctaudubon.org/bird-finder/

If you're interested, write to Tom Andersen: tandersen at ctaudubon.org.

Milan Bull


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