[CT Birds] Southbury Vesper Sparrow and unusual Bald Eagle sighting in New Britain

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Wed Feb 15 18:22:38 EST 2017

     I had a good look at what I believe was a Vesper Sparrow at the Shepaug Dam Eagle Observatory in Southbury today.  It had a very distinct white eye ring and streaked head without a median stripe. It also had a very white malar stripe.  Unfortunately I did not get a good look at the tail to check for the white outer feathers.
      Also, yesterday afternoon while driving through Walnut Hill Park in New Britain I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying towards, and then hovering over the American Museum of Art parking lot.  A few times it flew down towards the parking lot but quickly returned to it's previous height, then eventually perched in a nearby tree.  Several people were walking along the sidewalk nearby getting an up close view, but since I was driving with traffic eventually approaching behind me, I was unable to stop to see what the eagle was going after.

Jack Swatt

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