[CT Birds] Litchfield sightings yesterday

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 22 20:07:43 EST 2017

On my trip yesterday in Litchfield, I spotted a group of 18 Goldfinch in 
a Birch tree with 2 Siskin. Also saw a small flock of 7 Purple Finch as well.
 Got home and from the house counted at least 50 Robin on my snowless areas 
of the lawn, and then as many landed on my Red Cedar tree for some berries. 
Also a flock of 12 Cedar Waxwing hit the Cedar as well. When they flew off 
I saw one of the 12 was bigger. Sure hope I didn't miss seeing one of their
bigger relatives !
Paul Carrier Harwinton

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