[CT Birds] River Road, Kent

Angela Dimmitt angeladimmitt at aol.com
Sat Feb 25 11:15:38 EST 2017

Zellene - I think the parking at the AT entrance on River Road holds maybe 3 cars and is at least mile from the big parking lot at the end.  And a lot of us do bird there in June, particularly from the end lot on north along the river.  This would be very inconvenient for a lot of fishermen also.  I bird there a lot and have never encountered these hordes the AT people are so afraid of, but if true perhaps there should be someone on guard at the entrance off Skiff Mountain Road since once a bus enters, there is absolutely no way to turn round where you suggest the gate would be.  Perhaps the COA could have the password for the gate if they promise not to disturb the hikers, of which by the way I have not seen many. Curious about all this?
Angela Dimmitt
New Milford

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