[CT Birds] GGOW in NH

Brian K briankulvete at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 17:51:27 EST 2017

I know many contacted me about the Great Gray Owl irruption that was
happening up in Montreal, Canada.  I was more than happy to help people
with info to make the trip and make it smooth by relaying through the
mistakes or issues I learned on our maiden voyage.  Many went and the
birds, at the time, were so reliable that everyone I talked too got to see
one or several.

We went up again last week and it appears we had some of the last viewings
as the refuge has had scattered or no reports, daily, since that warm front
blew through.

If anyone missed seeing them, I just noticed that there is a Great Gray Owl
being seen a LOT closer in Newport, NH.  It doesn't seem to be as reliable
as the Canada birds, but it's about half the drive and you don't have to
leave the country.  I just found out about this as a friend of mine went
looking yesterday, unsuccessfully, but there was a report of it being found
again today in the same area.

Speaking of owls, I have had an amazing year finding and photographing
them, so far, this year.  My discovery of a saw-whet back in January and
amazing luck finding and photographing several rare species up in Canada
has triggered me to a project.
I am trying to see and photograph (ethically  ie...no calls or nigh-time
flashlights) all 19 species of North American owl.  I originally wanted to
do it all in the calendar year of 2017, but work scheduling and funding may
make this harder then I want to deal with in that short time frame.  I may
stretch it out over 2 years (depending on how my trips to TX and AZ go this
year).  If I succeed, I want to write a book about the experience and put
together a presentation.

I mention this because one of the hardest species, and pretty much the only
one I am missing from our area, is the Boreal Owl...with good reason.

I am reaching out to ask for help with an alert if one happens to show up
anywhere in New England.  I know how sensitive owls species are and their
reporting often doesn't happen due to some bad behavior.  I am just asking
to please be thought about should one hit the reporting underground.  I
would even be more than happy to captain the trip with my vehicle.

We are planning a trip to Alaska next year, so I guess worst case scenario
is I have a much better chance in 2018 for a Boreal, hence the addition of
another year to my project.

Thanks, and Happy Birding.

Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT

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