[CT Birds] Earlier Report of Snow Geese, Barnacle Goose - Southport Beach

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Sat Mar 11 23:49:27 EST 2017

The possibility exists that the BARNACLE GOOSE I reported earlier could in fact be a dark morph adult SNOW GOOSE. During my return trip home, Stefan Martin notified me that a dark morph SNOW GOOSE was spotted in the Stratford area. After reviewing my low light, distant blurry pictures, the available field marks were inconclusive. While afield, my first impression viewed through my bins, was a BARNACLE GOOSE.  Light face mask, darker body with pale gray wings were noted as I compared it to the surrounding geese.  Unfortunately in my excitement, I did not make an effort to rule out Blue Goose or dark morph SNOW GOOSE.  I first spotted the circling flock from Harbor Road on the west side of Southport Harbor (creek?).  I then drove over to Southport Beach and watched the nervous flock land, take flight and re-land several more times.  They were very nervous and appeared to be suspect of landing on the sweeping landscape behind the Fairfield Country Club.  At last light they landed and disappeared into the snow covered and wind blown rolling folds of the vista.  If anyone is able to find the flock  in the morning and can verify the suspect GOOSE, it would be greatly appreciated.  Stefan, thank you for your insight.  Sorry for any confusion.

Timothy L. Thompson
Norwich, CT

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