[CT Birds] Southport/Westport Yellow-headed Blackbird

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 19 08:08:22 EDT 2017

Southport Beach- female Yellow-headed Blackbird seen on Westport side of the creek sitting in a tree with a huge flock of blackbirds early this morning before the huge flock took off headed northeast. This flock came out of the small creek on the Westport side, their morning "serenade" almost deafening. It's amazing that that tiny patch of phragmites can have so many blackbirds roosting overnight. I was able to find the YHBB because I was scanning the flock with my scope.

Lots of waterfowl and gulls headed east including many Greater Scaup and 3 Bonaparte's Gulls. No sign of the Pink-footed Goose but the Canadas are still drifting out of the marsh.

Tina Green
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