[CT Birds] White Gyrfalcon???

William Moorhead whmoorhead at optonline.net
Mon Mar 20 11:15:39 EDT 2017

Yesterday (Sun 3/19), at 15:00 EDST, I was driving on Route 132 on 
Bethlehem and spotted overhead (41.6391 x -73.2116) what I can only make 
out to be a white phase White Gyrfalcon.  It seems the only other option 
would be a white phase Peregrine Falcon, if such existed.  It was 
sliding south not far above tree-top level, not flapping in brief moment 
I saw it, and I only saw it from below.  It was definitely larger than 
crow, and I think pretty close to Red-tailed Hawk-size.  Tail was long 
and narrowed to a squared tip, and wings were long and somewhat pointed, 
set at an angle about like a boomerang.  Ir was white underneath except 
for faint barred on primaries toward tips.  I did not notice dark 
primary tips with as much contrast of black and white as are shown in 
illustrations, but about as I see in many photos.  I can find no photos 
of gyrfalcons from underneath in the same pose as the one I saw, but the 
photos I do find from underneath show a somewhat chunkier beast than the 
one I saw looked.  I hope it is acceptable to send this kind of report 
to CTBird!     

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