[CT Birds] Ospreys and Great Egret

Carolyn Johns carolyn.f.johns-emp at snet.net
Sun Mar 26 19:51:45 EDT 2017

I checked out my favorite Osprey nests today and found that 1 osprey had returned to one of the nests in the marsh at the Madison Boat ramp at the end of Neck Road in Madison.  Also a pair of osprey were sitting on a nest at Hammo in the marsh to the right of the exit road out of the park.

One Great Egret was resting at the edge of Swan Pond at Hammo.

I was not able to drive into the parking lot at the Nature Center   and not in the mood to walk down since the winds were bitterly cold.  
Does anyone know when they are going to open up the roads to Willards Island.

Carolyn Johns

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