[CT Birds] South Pond Suffield

Brian Kleinman snaketat at cox.net
Mon Mar 27 13:12:26 EDT 2017

This morning at the South Pond (Lake Congamond) there was a huge
congregation of waterfowl.  There were 500+ Common Mergansers, along with a
large raft of Scaup sp., Ring-Necked Duck, and few scattered Bufflehead.  I
only had my compact car binoculars, so I¹m sure I missed a bunch of other
stuff that was further out.  To see South Pond from the Connecticut/Suffield
side park at the pull-off (Mountain Road/168) right before the Causeway that
takes you to Southwick.

Brian Kleinman
Riverside Reptiles
(860) 653-2535

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