[CT Birds] Purple finch, fox sparrow, and a thief

sffaulkner at comcast.net sffaulkner at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 21:08:43 EDT 2017

My cat Oliver was scratching insistently at the back door this morning, wanting -- I thought -- to do his morning birding as the sun came up. I finally let him onto the back porch to find a good sized raccoon on the landing railing with its hands in the sunflower chips feeder -- right through the wire barrier meant to keep out critters. I knocked on the window and it got down and came over to the door, asking to be let in! Not sure how to keep it out of the feeder... 

Yard highlights this afternoon included my continuing pair of purple finches (also have a pair of house finches), plus two fox sparrows are still in residence. The juncos are still here, but the white throated sparrows are fewer in number. 

Sarah Faulkner, Collinsville 

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